Case Study: Marketing Advisory Network Finds Editorial Efficiency with Crescendo

When the in-house content marketing staff needs a little help keeping up with demand, many marketing teams bring in freelancers or consultants to augment their efforts. Unencumbered by the same distractions faced by your team or shifting priorities, contract content contributors can focus on delivering the projects and priorities you’ve outlined for them. But, relying on outside assistance can come with its own challenges.

Finding Editorial Efficiency with Crescendo

Marketing Advisory Network founder and expert marketer Samantha Stone works with various clients to help develop marketing and sales strategies, conduct market research, and also create custom content. Delivering on the expectations she sets with clients is crucial to growing her business. A broken or inefficient process can derail a project, and in a client-contractor relationship, every stage and interaction is critical for building trust and securing future assignments.

As a Crescendo user with two of her Clients, Samantha has found that this content marketing platform obliterated some typical roadblocks to a smooth editorial collaboration process. It also increased efficiency in editorial planning and review, and gave her some insight into how her content is performing—something she doesn’t always get to see as a consultant.

Read the full case study to see how Marketing Advisory Network benefits from using Crescendo for content planning and creation.