4 signs it’s time to invest in a content marketing system

As your content marketing efforts mature, so too do complications. What was once simple becomes more challenging as you increase volume, balance goals and add new content contributors. But there is good news. Innovative systems designed to increase your productivity and effectiveness are designed to catapult your content marketing into new territory.

But how do you know when you’ve reached the tipping point? Here are four signs it’s time to put “evaluate content marketing system” on your to-do list.

Sign #1: Reaching engagement plateaus

At the beginning of your content marketing program it was fairly easy to show improvements. Unfortunately, as the program expands the bar has been raised and it’s getting harder and harder to achieve rapid growth. Or perhaps your viewership numbers are growing but engagement has stagnated—the same people commenting and sharing your content might feel good but your community might not be keeping pace with your business goals. A good content marketing system can help you focus on the most effective content assets and improve productivity so you can climb over the plateau.

Sign #2: Significant growth in content contributors

It’s one thing to keep organized when just a few people are developing content. But what happens when you double, triple or tenfold the number of content contributors you’re leveraging. You may get more content, but you’re probably also bringing along a lot more headaches.

Sign #3: Pressure to increase the volume of content produced

Increasing the quantity and quality of content produced can have a positive impact on building your community and driving business impact. But it also puts pressure to organize in a new way. Keeping track of a couple white papers, and a handful of blog posts is relatively easy. But if you find yourself making a significant increase in content volume it’s time to consider a structured organizational tool.

Sign #4: New team leader

If you’ve recently hired a content marketing leader you’ve made an important decision to focus on your content strategy. Your Content Strategist is going to add tremendous value to the team. If you want them to scale quickly they will need to operate as a team leveraging the expertise and talents of people across the organization. A content marketing system will allow them to do this with ease so they can spend less time coordinating and more time creating.

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