Measure Content with PDF Tracking and Viewer Metrics in Crescendo


Crescendo makes it easy to gain real insight into how your ebooks and white papers perform by allowing you to track engagement in PDF assets.

When you upload a PDF asset into Crescendo, our system automatically generates a trackable URL that will enable you to launch the PDF in our smart trackable viewer. This URL can be used in email campaigns, marketing automation calls to action, social media posts, and anywhere else you might link to a file. If the asset is gated behind a form, you can also associate the URL for that landing page with the PDF.

When someone views your PDF using our smart viewer, Crescendo collects data on how much time they spend with your content, whether they consume all of it, what actions they take, and whether they share it on social media. The landing page URL you entered ensures that if a viewer shares the PDF, anyone who clicks on the link will be directed to the landing page and not the file itself—maintaining the integrity of your content marketing campaign.

By providing an unprecedented level of insight into how your audience engages with PDF content, Crescendo helps marketers accurately gauge the effectiveness of their content and understand what really works. With more data, you can ask smarter questions about your content ROI and how to help it drive better results.

This video is part of our Crescendo Feature Focus series, in which we walk you through the key features and benefits of our content marketing platform. Crescendo is now available for free for early adopters.