[Webinar Replay] Developing a B2B Demand Generation Model with Ardath Albee

Demand generation is a strategic approach to shifting perceptions of target markets. In order to do so, marketers must share the education, expertise and evidence that helps prospective buyers to consider, manage, and choose change to get a valuable outcome that your products or solutions provide.

In our recent webinar, B2B marketing strategist, author, and CEO of Marketing Interactions, Inc. Ardath Albee explained to attendees how demand generation differs from lead generation, and which strategies best serve demand generation marketers.

From articulating the stages of a complex buying process, to exploring the role of content marketing in demand generation, this was a robust presentation with detailed takeaways you can use to plan your demand generation strategy. Some of the highlights include:

  • How to create a demand generation model that aligns with business objectives
  • How context helps content create conversations instead of pushing outbound monologues
  • Why conflict is a key ingredient in the demand generation process
  • What it means to overlay demand generation with sales processes to win more deals

Watch the replay to get the details.