How Far is 1000 Strokes on a Rowing Machine?

Buying exercise equipment is great due to the reason that it enables you to obtain fitness without necessarily having to leave the comfort of your very own residential domicile, and as a result of the fact that this is the case lots of people are starting to look into this at this current point in time. While most buyers tend to go for treadmills and the like, we are of the opinion that a rowing machine would be far better for you without a shadow of a doubt since it would help you get toned muscles instead of just getting a cardio workout in and nothing else of value.

People calculate their workouts after buying a row machine from in a wide range of ways. Some people just calculate the amount of time that they have been rowing far, but other may prefer to just count their strokes. If you are among the latter group of people, you’d probably want to know how far you have rowed once you get to a thousand strokes since this can give you a good idea of the distance that you can travel while rowing in the real world.

Exercisers that manage to get to a thousand strokes will be glad to know that they have rowed the equivalent of about 8 kilometers! You generally row about 8 meters per stroke, which means that a thousand strokes equals 8,000 meters. That is if you go for a relatively slow stroke rate. Some can travel up to ten or even twelve kilometers if they row for a thousand strokes. It’s all about maximizing the efficiency of each stroke to get a good workout in.

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