How to Separate Amazon Personal And Business Account

There is an influx of newcomers to the e-commerce industry and usually they consider Amazon as the primary option and that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but for beginners it isn’t always that straightforward and easy, they have to ride a few challenges to get to where they want to be and if they have a mentor to guide them then it is much better but not everyone has one, in that case one can rely on business courses, there are some amazing business courses online which help you create a successful online business and teach you everything from the scratch, at the beginning I was confused about a lot of things and simply the interface had me sweating, I made the decision to put my account to hold and learn first and then started with the Wholesale Formula, Wholesale Formula is a business course which has helped me create a successful online business, The Wholesale Formula review show that this is one of the top courses out there.

Right at the start I was confused about how I would manage my personal and business accounts on amazon and initially customers had to sign out of one account to access the other but now one can toggle between the two without logging out, you would have to manage the accounts and then you can easily switch between the two, if you need to switch the accounts you can do the following

  • Select Menu button
  • Go to setting and switch accounts
  • Select Add Account to add a business account
  • Sign in.

Once you have done this you can easily switch between the accounts, the important thing here is to add the account, I learned this easily through the course and you can do it too.

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