Installing Vinyl Sidings Over Brick

Vinyl siding requires a smooth surface to be installed and if you have that it doesn’t matter what material it is, you can successfully install vinyl siding over smooth or watertight surfaces the only thing to be mindful of here is to make it smooth, people who want to install vinyl siding over a brick house have more work on their hands because the brick is rugged unless deliberately made smooth with different things applied on it, having brick which is rugged does not mean that you cannot install vinyl sidings over brick successfully on it but it merely means that you have to be more careful about a couple of things, the professionals plan and execute the work according to the material upon which the vinyl will be applied.

There is a risk of rippling up and bowing if the surface isn’t smooth and the expensive vinyl siding wouldn’t last as long as they should and not only that one could face a serious accident because of this, a rippling siding can be dangerous for anyone, and a transition to vinyl from brick should never put lives at risk and if the services providers are experts they would never put vinyl siding over a surface which isn’t smooth.

Once you have learned that a vinyl siding requires a smooth surface what you then have to do is look for solutions and methods to smoothen the surface and the most common method used by the experts is to create a level substrate for the siding, even if you are giving the contract to a professional and not doing any sort of physical work make sure that you ask the question regarding the method they will use, usually the experts use a layer of sheathing upon which the siding is attached.

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