Should You Start From The Top Down or The Floor Up When Pressure Washing a Porch?

Some of the more detailed aspects of pressure washing end up flying under the radar so severely that we feel the need to talk about them at this current point in time. For example, have you ever thought about whether you should pressure wash your porch from the top down or the bottom up? Chances are that this is not the kind of consideration that managed to cross your mind, but regardless of that it can have a huge effect on how the porch turns out.

Most individuals that possess a relevant amount of expertise in the field of pressure washing Conroe would inform you that starting from the top down always works best without a shadow of a doubt. That has a lot to do with the nature of how water flows on surfaces. Gravity impacts everything, so your water will naturally flow in a downward pattern. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you can use this natural motion to your advantage by letting the down flow get the rest of your porch moist and ready for the eventual pressure that will hit it.

Starting from the floor up can create a huge mess and it also happens to be quite lacking in efficiency. You would be behaving in a rather counterintuitive manner if you start from the floor and slowly work your way upwards, and you will realize that this is problematic when you try it out for yourself. Top down cleaning is the standard for a reason, and you should always remember that while you are pressure washing your own porch.

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