The Most Underrated Aspect of Hamilton The Musical

People have been raving about Hamilton for quite some time now which is why you probably know quite a bit about the show. If you were to ask someone what they truly love about Hamilton most would agree that the music is the show stealer, and the performances are quite good as well. There is also a fair amount of commentary surrounding the costumes that have been used because of the fact that these costumes are quite detailed and well designed, so much so that you would have no trouble appreciating them from the crowd.

However, with all of the praise that has been given to the singing, the music, the storyline as well as the costume design, not enough people talk about what undoubtedly was something that formed the backbone of the show: the choreography. It’s not easy to choreograph scenes that have dancing as well as more dramatic moments without it seeming supremely cheesy, but somehow this play has managed to do just that so much so that the show becomes enormously appealing without it becoming obvious that the dancing is playing such a huge role.

The thing to remember here is that the dancing and choreography is the thing that holds the show together. It helps the narrative stay familiar and coherent and it also helps to keep the audience engaged. No matter how good the music is, it wouldn’t be all that enjoyable in stage play form without the right kind of choreography. Whoever choreographed the show deserves some massive props for doing a brilliant job so you should buy some Hamilton tickets right away so that you can see for yourself what an absolutely brilliant job they have done.

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